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Apr 1, 2020 by Shane Wells

CCleaner unchecked preference video 
The purpose of the video to help you clean up your computer so it will run as well as it can.  This video will show you how to do a custom clean, so you don't; lose files, saved passwords, or stop specific applications from booting up in the background to improve speed performance. 

1.       Open up CCleaner which can be found by typing the work CCleaner in the start menu
2.       Click on custom clean 
3.       If using chrome click applications tab/ if not stay on windows tab 
4.       Uncheck internet history and recent URL found under EDGE Explorer or chrome 
5.       Under Windows explorer uncheck recent documents 
6.       Under System and uncheck recycle bin 
7.       Now go under tools and start-up is where we can disable our background apps

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